First Time Backpackers Tips for Making Long Term Travel Easy

Backpacking for the first time can be a daunting experience. Even if you travel on and off or less full-time, you will find the experience challenging. However, Melissa of Southwest Appliance Repair shares that there are things that you can do to make long-term travel easier as a backpacker. Here are first time backpackers’ tips that will make long-term travel easy for you.

Practice Backpacking More Often  

Before you go on a year-long trip, take short backpacking trips with mini breaks. This will enable you to familiarize with the things to do when backpacking as well as the best places to stay. If possible, sign up for tours and social events that may be featured in hostels that you are familiar with. This will enable you to meet new people, interact and make friends.

Pick Easy First Destinations

Backpacking in some countries is easier than in others. When starting off, don’t pick a deep-end destination whose track is completely unbeaten. Instead, choose a destination with good tourism infrastructure. Go for a destination where backpacking is considered easy.

Conduct Research

There are many websites and blogs with information on the best backpacking destinations for first-timers. Visit them to learn about backpacking and what to expect at those destinations. Use the information that you get from your research to plan your backpacking trip. Nevertheless, don’t over-plan or become too rigid because doing so can complicate your trip. Bear in mind that half of the adventure will comprise of making decisions while traveling and altering plans to suit your new friendships and discoveries.

Pack Light

Packing guides and blogs provide a great way of working out what you should pack when going on a backpacking trip. You will be tempted to over pack while trying to cover the basics. However, resist the temptations and avoid carrying excess stuff. Only pack the stuff you will use during the trip to make movements easier for you.

Follow these tips for first-time backpackers to make long-term travel easier and enjoyable.

Tips for Traveling Solo as an Introvert

Introverts don’t like the idea of being in social situations most of the time. However, traveling can put an introvert in social situations. Luckily, these situations won’t be permanent if you travel solo. That’s why most introverts love solo travel. These practical tips for solo travel will enable you to have some time alone and enjoy your trip.

Book Accommodation Based on Your Needs

Choose the accommodation to book depending on how social you wish to be when traveling alone. Booking a hotel and staying alone can be difficult. Therefore, consider how social you want to be when traveling and then select an accommodation to stay alone or interact with others. An independently owned inn might be ideal for you if you wish to some interactions with the owners. But if you wish to interact with other travelers, you can stay in a hostel or a B&B.

Travel Slow

Staying in the same inn, hostel, or B&B for a week instead of a few nights will lead to your interactions with others. That’s because the stay will tempt you to enter the social scene. Seeing the same people several times will naturally prompt you to talk to them. These might want to know about you and your travel. If you don’t want that, avoid staying at the same place longer than a few nights.

Talk to Strangers

If you want to interact with other people, start talking to strangers when traveling. And this can be challenging at first for an introvert. However, you will eventually find it easy by starting with general topics like the weather and the current view.

Being an introvert doesn’t mean you can’t travel and enjoy your trip. All you need is to understand your personality and what you wish to achieve when traveling. Follow these solo travel tips for introverts to enjoy your trip.

Does Traveling Make You Happy?

Travel brings excitement to many people. Whether you go on a family holiday or travel for business, you will most likely come back happier than you were when leaving. Here are some of the ways traveling makes a person happy. 

Traveling Boosts Self-Confidence

When you travel, you encounter unexpected situations that you have to deal with. This happens even to people that take adequate time to plan their trips. But, regardless of what happens, a traveler has to find a way out of the unwanted situation. This achievement boosts self-confidence, thereby enhancing happiness. 

Travel Brings Infectious Happiness 

When you travel, you meet other people. These can be happy couples and friendly families or individuals. This brings an immediate knock-on effect. When somebody greets you with a beaming smile, you can’t respond with an angry face. You find yourself also smiling. 

Traveling Makes You Appreciate Home and Family 

Home and family are some of the things that most people take for granted. When you travel, you realize how you miss them while away. As such, traveling makes you start appreciating family, home, and close friends. You realize that going back to friends and family is something you can look forward to. 

You Meet and Make New Friends 

It’s easier to make new friends when traveling than back at home. That’s because home people are less inclined to talk to strangers. When traveling, people have fewer boundaries. This makes befriending each other easier. You can make new friends when using public transport or when drinking in a bar. 

You Escape Social Media Intoxication 

It’s no secret that many people are looking for ways to avoid social media. Traveling provides a way to escape social media for a while. That’s because you spend more time exploring your travel destination and engaging in different activities. This is liberating and it allows you to enjoy your current moments. 

Traveling more often will make you a happy person. Start traveling now if you’ve not been doing it.

How to Travel as a Doctor

As a doctor, you have the greatest responsibility for saving lives. That means you can be called in to attend to patients even when you are off-duty. As such, it can be quite hard to even find time to travel, especially if you work in a popular health facility. However, there are still options that you can pursue if you need to explore the world. The following are useful ideas on how to travel as a doctor. 

Get the Credentials

Similar to other professions, doctors also require proper training with qualifications in various fields of study. Apart from just the academic qualifications, you should also secure an internship and choose a suitable area to specialize in. For instance, preventive healthcare professionals are usually in high demand in Africa and most third world countries. The credentials will mainly depend on the type of doctor that you want to become. 

Join International Organizations that Recruit Doctors 

Today, many international organizations recruit doctors and other health practitioners to work in various parts of the world. Securing a job with one of them could offer you a better chance of traveling while also doing the thing that you love the most. Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross and Peace Corps are some of the highly recommended international organizations for traveling doctors that you should consider. While some organizations only recruit volunteers, others offer good compensation packages. 

Take Advantage of the Annual Leave 

Regardless of your work schedule, employers usually give their employees at least one month leave each year. Considering your tight work schedules, the leave is your ideal time to retreat to that vacation destination you have been dreaming about. You could also plan for short trips to closer destinations during the weekends. 

Overall, there are several opportunities for doctors to save lives and explore the world. All you need to do is decide on how long you wish to travel then, choose a suitable option that will allow you to practice and have fun. 

How to Protect Yourself from Bad People when Traveling

Bad people are everywhere. They can be con artists or people that want to snatch your wallet. That’s why you should be keen to protect yourself from such people when traveling. Here are tips to ensure your safety and protection from such people whenever you travel. 

Know Travel Safety Priorities 

The order of safety priorities when it comes to travel starts with your body. This is followed by your documents, money, and then the other stuff. Always know this order of priorities when it comes to your safety when traveling. 

Meet Strangers in Public

Unless when you have a really good reason to believe that a person you met is trustworthy, meet them in public places. When in public places, you get better control over the situation. This can save your life if the stranger you met wanted to do something bad to you. 

Be in Control 

Don’t let a person you meet when traveling decide everything for you. Also, don’t accept lifts from strangers. Always know where you’re going, the person you go with, and when you will be back. 

Don’t Disclose Your Plans to Everybody 

Don’t let everybody you meet on the road know what you’re up to. Instead, share your travel plans with your friends and family. Let them know where you will be going and what you will be doing there. This will help you trace you in case something unexpected happens. 

Be Careful when Getting Help 

If you must get help from other people, be careful who you seek it from. A con artist can be a person that volunteers to help you. Therefore, pay keen attention to determine whether a person is worthy asking for assistance from. 

Your safety should be your priority when traveling alone. Follow these tips to protect yourself from bad people when traveling alone. 

Tips on How to Be a Traveler without Looking Like a Tourist

When you tell people you are a traveler, some assume you are automatically a tourist. But, it’s possible to be a traveler without looking like a tourist. Here are tips to help you travel without looking like a tourist. 


Take time to conduct a research of your travel destination. Understand the country you want to travel to. Take time to know the customs and cultures of the people that live there. 

Get Lost 

In some cases, the best way to enjoy a travel destination is getting lost in it. Just wander a new city’s streets and stumble on little treasures. Take time to enjoy new experiences in the city or travel destination. 

Use Public Transport 

In addition to being cheap and scary in some countries, using public transport gives you a chance to explore your travel destination. You enjoy the moments that you spend in your travel destination like the local people. 

Learn Some Key Phrases

It’s not a must you become fluent in the language that is spoken in your travel destination. However, learning some phrases in that language will help you interact with the locals. It can also make the locals favor you. 

Be Impulsive 

It’s good to have a goal when you travel. However, you will be more of a traveler than a tourist if you maintain an open-mind while traveling. Be open to changes in terms of how you arrive at your travel destination and what you do while there. 

Support the Local Businesses 

When you take a bus, you may realize that the driver stops at specific restaurants along the way. Some passengers may rush into some restaurants and not others. Be open and try to act the way the local people do. Local businesses and stores sell products made locally. Therefore, buying items when traveling means you support the local businesses and stores. 

Try these tips and you will travel more without looking like a tourist. 

Can Travel Help You Generate Ideas?

Foremost, it is true that travel can help you generate ideas. Apart from the experiences shared by many travelers, studies confirm people who travel often are open-minded and resourceful. Visiting new environments, trying unique experiences and interacting with different cultures give you a new perspective of the world and life. As a result, you can incredibly enhance your critical thinking and creative skills. The following are ways how travel can help you generate ideas.

Sights and Sounds

Whether you travel internationally or locally, there are many new things that you will be able to see and hear. Attractions like museums, game parks, historical sites and industrial sites provide lots of information about unique cultures, wildlife, technologies and other ideas that you may not have even heard of before. By visiting such attractions, you will be able to not only develop the ideas that you already have but, also acquire new ones.

Besides the endless things to see when traveling, there is a lot that you can also hear to enhance your scope of thought. For instance, it is much easier to learn a new language when you interact with the locals personally than using automated resources. Even just listening to the sounds of birds along the trails has lessons to offer.


There are lots of activities that you can engage in when travelling including partying, swimming, snorkeling, horse riding, skiing, wine tasting, fishing, camping, trekking among others. Due to the numerous things to do, there are endless opportunities for trying new experiences. The experiences acquired from trying new activities will help you make self improvements and, also provide unique perspectives for doing them. Sometimes, you might even discover a new hobby or career path to pursue.

Overall, travel can help you generate lots of ideas to transform your future adventures and life. Educational trips are usually the best for learning new ideas but, even ordinary holidays can still boost your resourcefulness.

Useful Tips for Adventure Travels

Even if you have attended many adventure trips in the past, it should be noted that not all excursions are the same. And, that is why every adventure trip requires a unique plan. However, sometimes, even the best plans can crumble along the way. Below are pointers to guide you towards ensuring successful adventure travels.

Have an Open Mind

As the name suggests, adventure travels are about discovering and learning new things. In fact, most of the delights of adventure trips are spontaneous and can only be enjoyed if you have a wider imagination. Although it is good to stick to the plan of your itinerary, do not be too rigid when it comes to attractions and activities. Take time to explore new opportunities, meet new people and other delights that the trip has to offer.

Pack Lightly

Adventure trips usually offer endless options in terms of things to see and activities. As such, you may be tempted to pack a lot of stuff for the trip. However, that should never be the case. Packing lightly will save you money and also so much time when travelling. Only pack the items that you cannot do without on the trip. Depending on the destination, there are many kinds of travel gear that you will be able to buy or rent along the way.

Interact with the Locals

Whether you are visiting an area you are familiar with or a remote destination, there is always so much more to gain from interacting with the natives. And, there are many ways to interact with the locals. Besides visiting the local restaurants and clubs, you can also meet new people in public transport and other social places. The locals understand the landscapes better and can help you to easily find suitable attractions for the ultimate adventure trip.

Just like other forms of travel, adventure trips also have their fair share of highs and lows. The secret is to remain confident and explore as much as you can while it lasts.

Useful Resources for Overseas Travel

Travelling is always a unique experience that people encounter differently.  But, unlike local travels, travelling abroad can be challenging. If you are not properly enlightened on the basics of overseas travel, it can be easy to lose your way. Below are some useful resources for overseas travel that you should keep in mind for success.


Accommodation is one of the most important elements of travel that you must be very keen on when planning a trip. Although there are several online resources from where you can get the best accommodation deals, not all deliver what they advertise. Some of the best resources for accommodation deals for international travelers include, Airbnb and


Airfares usually account for a greater part of the overall costs of travel. Thus, it is also important that you know where to find the best flight deals. Skyscanner is one of the highly recommended platforms for cheap flight deals. From the site, you can view monthly rates for flights across the world. Other resources that you can also check out include Momondo and Trip Combi.

Travel Insurance

Whether it is just for a short period of time or a long stay abroad, travel insurance is always important. However, travel insurance does not come cheaply, especially for long trips. If you can, get a travel insurance package that can provide cover across the world. Before buying the package, be sure to check the specific areas or risks covered. Although it is not the cheapest, World Nomads has a reputation of some of the best travel insurance deals.

When using the above resources, do not limit yourself to only the offers given therein. Conduct further research to get adequate information that can help you make better decisions for overseas travel. Besides, you should also remember that cheap is expensive. So, do not rush into booking hotels or flights just because they offer cheap rates. Instead, read the reviews of these resources first to determine the best ones to rely on.


Travel Tips for Ladies

Whether you are a woman travelling in a female centric tour or on a solo trip, there are a few pointers to always keep in mind. Below are important travel tips for female travelers to consider when planning a trip.

Pay Attention to Cultural Values at Your Destination

Women have over the years been subjects of stern customs across the world. Although the tables are turning, there are still certain cultures with strict regulations on gender roles. So, do some research beforehand to understand the customs and values of the particular destination that you are planning to visit. This will enable you tailor your behavior to their culture for the duration of your trip.

Dress Decently

It is also important that when traveling, you should try to dress modestly. Clothes that are too revealing can easily draw unwanted attention, making you vulnerable to unpleasant reactions from the locals.

Stay Confident

Generally, women are usually viewed as weak and vulnerable by many cultures. The moment you start acting confused or stranded, you will be easily drawing the attention of thieves and other criminals. Even if you do not know the area well, always look confident and do not just talk to anyone you meet. Avoid eye contact with strange men as that would be considered as making advances in some cultures.

Check in with Friends and Family Frequently

In every trip, it is always advisable to keep in touch with family and friends along the way. Remember to call or text after every short time to let them know where you are and the progress of the trip.

Have Some Cash hidden in Clothes

You never know what might come up during the itinerary. So, always have some cash on you hidden in the bra, underwear, socks or belt in case of an emergency.

While you can sometimes smell trouble from a distance, always trust your instincts. In case you start feeling uncomfortable in any situation, simply move on.

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