Tips on How to Be a Traveler without Looking Like a Tourist

When you tell people you are a traveler, some assume you are automatically a tourist. But, it’s possible to be a traveler without looking like a tourist. Here are tips to help you travel without looking like a tourist. 


Take time to conduct a research of your travel destination. Understand the country you want to travel to. Take time to know the customs and cultures of the people that live there. 

Get Lost 

In some cases, the best way to enjoy a travel destination is getting lost in it. Just wander a new city’s streets and stumble on little treasures. Take time to enjoy new experiences in the city or travel destination. 

Use Public Transport 

In addition to being cheap and scary in some countries, using public transport gives you a chance to explore your travel destination. You enjoy the moments that you spend in your travel destination like the local people. 

Learn Some Key Phrases

It’s not a must you become fluent in the language that is spoken in your travel destination. However, learning some phrases in that language will help you interact with the locals. It can also make the locals favor you. 

Be Impulsive 

It’s good to have a goal when you travel. However, you will be more of a traveler than a tourist if you maintain an open-mind while traveling. Be open to changes in terms of how you arrive at your travel destination and what you do while there. 

Support the Local Businesses 

When you take a bus, you may realize that the driver stops at specific restaurants along the way. Some passengers may rush into some restaurants and not others. Be open and try to act the way the local people do. Local businesses and stores sell products made locally. Therefore, buying items when traveling means you support the local businesses and stores. 

Try these tips and you will travel more without looking like a tourist. 

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