Travel Tips for Ladies

Whether you are a woman travelling in a female centric tour or on a solo trip, there are a few pointers to always keep in mind. Below are important travel tips for female travelers to consider when planning a trip.

Pay Attention to Cultural Values at Your Destination

Women have over the years been subjects of stern customs across the world. Although the tables are turning, there are still certain cultures with strict regulations on gender roles. So, do some research beforehand to understand the customs and values of the particular destination that you are planning to visit. This will enable you tailor your behavior to their culture for the duration of your trip.

Dress Decently

It is also important that when traveling, you should try to dress modestly. Clothes that are too revealing can easily draw unwanted attention, making you vulnerable to unpleasant reactions from the locals.

Stay Confident

Generally, women are usually viewed as weak and vulnerable by many cultures. The moment you start acting confused or stranded, you will be easily drawing the attention of thieves and other criminals. Even if you do not know the area well, always look confident and do not just talk to anyone you meet. Avoid eye contact with strange men as that would be considered as making advances in some cultures.

Check in with Friends and Family Frequently

In every trip, it is always advisable to keep in touch with family and friends along the way. Remember to call or text after every short time to let them know where you are and the progress of the trip.

Have Some Cash hidden in Clothes

You never know what might come up during the itinerary. So, always have some cash on you hidden in the bra, underwear, socks or belt in case of an emergency.

While you can sometimes smell trouble from a distance, always trust your instincts. In case you start feeling uncomfortable in any situation, simply move on.

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